NJEA Professional Development has put together a series of webinars on various topics including Tools for working remotely, Information management, Working safely and maintaining privacy in a remote environment, Online pedagogy, to name a few. They have set up an online calendar that you can add to your own. These webinars are for Certificated and ESP Members. Please see the attachment for more information. 

Member Benefits Webinar on Essential Financial Information: NJEA Member Benefits and its partners at NEA Member Benefits and the NEA Retirement Program provided by Security Benefit are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 15 at 4 p.m.  This webinar, “Charting the Course Forward” will provide an explanation on recent federal changes under the NJ CARES Act to provide stimulus monies to eligible Americans, student loan relief, and new hardship withdrawal allowances for 403(b) account holders. It will also provide expert guidance on the impact of current market volatility and what investors should know. Additional resources, including updating beneficiary information, will also be provided from NJEA and NEA Member Benefits.


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