Evaluations: This week saw some important updates from Governor Murphy and the Commissioner of Education Repollet in the form of Executive Order 117. Including the following:

  1. The Commissioner is authorized to waive any portion of Title 6A that is appropriate;

  2. The statutory requirement for 8th-grade assessment is waived and canceled;

  3. The statutory requirement for 12th-grade graduation assessment (including portfolio) is waived;

  4. Student growth data shall not be used as a measure of educator effectiveness in the overall evaluation of any educator;

  5. The statutory requirement of three observations and evaluations for all non-tenured teaching staff is waived. 

Shortly thereafter the Department of Education put out a “Homeroom Broadcast” updating school leaders about the Governor’s Executive Order. In the Homeroom Broadcast, it gave the following advice to district leaders. We will be following to see what the Department of Education says in its further guidance. In the meantime, the District sent out an update to all staff (attached).